Social Media and Productivity

Computers are tricky little things. I have everything I need to write right at my fingertips–Scrivener, dictionary, thesaurus, and easy access to random searches. There’s also time-wasting social media. I’m talking about you, Facebook.

Right now, I’m active on four social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I can get lost on Pinterest for hours, but I don’t drop in when I’m supposed to be working, so it’s okay. Twitter and Instagram don’t seem to be a problem. In fact, I’m hoping to become more active on them, especially Instagram. (I love you, Instagram!) But Facebook? It’s killing me.

Every time I get stuck in a scene, I end up there, browsing posts that are, in the majority, ridiculous or obnoxious. By the time I catch myself, I’m either irritated or my mind is numb.

I think it’s time Facebook and I part ways, at least for a bit. We need a break from each other. I’ll put an official post at the top of my page, letting readers know where to find me. For now, if you want to say hi (and I still hope you will), come visit me on Twitter or Instagram. Or you can contact me right here through my website.




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