Meet Sebastian

Good morning, everyone!

I have another Moss Forest Orchid introduction for you today. Meet Sebastian.


Age: Twenty-one

Family: Sebastian is an only child, and his parents passed away when he was seven. He was raised by his grandfather, Lord Seldon Thane. He carries a minor title from his mother’s side of the family, and he will eventually inherit his grandfather’s far more prestigious title, along with all the family’s land and investments.

From: Silverleaf, a small village near the large city of Reshire, in the province of Reginae

Occupation: Sebastian takes on odd jobs for the local shoppes, searching for art, artifacts, and rare alchemy ingredients with his business partner, Lucia. He also assists his grandfather with their various investments.

Strength: Practical and Efficient

Weakness: Stubborn and Bossy

Trivia: Though Sebastian would never admit it to Lucia, when he was young, he often wished he was part of her large, messy family.

You can learn more about Sebastian in Moss Forest Orchid, Silver and Orchids Book One

Available March 31st

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