Name a Character Contest

Sometimes, you realize 23 days before a book release that you have to change a main character’s name. And sometimes, your brain goes BLANK. So what do you do? You enlist your readers for help!

You guys are awesome, and I know you will come up with the perfect name for my male lead. Here’s what I’m looking for:

*Something fantasy/medieval.

*It CAN’T start with “R”

*The character is a guard (if that helps)

Feel free to suggest as many names as you like, but let’s limit it to one comment per person. I’ll pick the name that best fits the character on Feb 8th. The winner will receive a $15.00 Amazon card immediately, and I’ll email an advanced ebook as soon as the book is finalized for release.

You can comment here, or visit me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and look for the contest post on my page.

Contest open internationally. No purchase necessary. Winner will be chosen 02.08.19. If a name I choose is suggested by multiple people, the winner will be the person who posted first.

Winner volunteers the name without expectations of royalties, rights to the name, or any sort of compensation outside the prizes listed.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are in no way associated or affiliated with this contest.

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