Winner Announcement! Name a Character Contest


Guys. Guys.

Can I just take a minute and tell you how amazing you all are? Several days ago I reached out to you all, asking for name ideas for the main male character in my upcoming book, The Sorceress in Training: A Retelling of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. And you pulled through in a big way.

I just got done tallying ALL the suggestions from here on the website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and in my email. Are you ready for this? We ended up with 800+ names. (Many were duplicates, but still. That’s a lot of names!!!)

As you can imagine, this was a crazy hard decision. Honestly, I loved so many of them. You guys were creative and thoughtful, and I appreciate all the time you put into your suggestions. If I could pick them all, I would.

Because there were so many, I ended up shuffling through them the only way I knew how—I imagined the existing character with each name.  I also enlisted my poor husband to help.

We went back and forth. We argued; we discussed.

We kept coming back to “G” names.

Finally, we picked Gavin.

Congratulations to BOTH Julia Q. (WordPress comment) and Lauren R. H. (Instagram comment). I’ll contact you very soon to get your email, so I can get your info for your prize!

To thank you all for your awesome support, I’ve made Elodie of the Sea free this weekend. (For the very first time!)


>>Click Here to Download the Book on Amazon<<


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