Name Amalia’s Wolfdog — Winner Announcement!

Forest of Firelight, the first book in The Riven Kingdoms series, is scheduled to release in May. Last month, I asked readers to send in names for Amalia’s wolfdog. Today, I get to announce the winner! (Winners, actually, since the name was posted on Instagram and Facebook super close together!)

Amalia’s Wolfdog is named…Ember!

Congrats to Laura from Instagram and Samantha from Facebook!

And thank you so much to everyone who submitted a name! I had so many great choices! I can’t wait for you to read the book so you can see why I chose Ember, and how it ended up working with the story.

Tomorrow, I’m back to my normal schedule. I’ll be catching up on emails, and I hope to write a general update blog post sometime this week.

I hope your holidays were wonderful!

Wishing you the best,

Shari :)

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