Name Amalia’s Wolfdog Contest

Late last winter, I asked you all to help me name a character in The Sorceress in Training. It was so much fun, I thought we’d go ahead and do it again!

Amalia has a white wolfdog in Forest of Firelight, and she needs the perfect name. She’s majestic, beautiful, and slightly stubborn.

Feel free to suggest as many names as you like, but let’s limit it to one comment per person. I’ll pick the name that best fits the character on January 1st. The winner will receive a signed paperback and book swag pack as soon as the book is finalized for release. (If the winner lives outside the US, they’ll receive an advanced ebook and digital swag pack.)

You can comment here, or visit me on Instagram or Facebook and look for the contest post on my page.

The official details:

Contest open internationally. No purchase necessary. Winner will be chosen 01.01.20. If a name I choose is suggested by multiple people, the winner will be the person who posted first.

Winner volunteers the name without expectations of royalties, rights to the name, or any sort of compensation outside the prizes listed.

Instagram and Facebook are in no way associated or affiliated with this contest.

12 thoughts on “Name Amalia’s Wolfdog Contest”

  1. Some wold name ideas: Kalaiaya (cal-eye-uh), Persephia, Sarya, Lovana, Tala, Rora, Lavinia, Paranth, Pilary, Sapphron, Ethera, Revescent. (apologies if there were multiple submissions, site re-set after I clicked send).


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