May’s Schedule, Forest of Firelight FAQs, and a New Chapter of Genevieve

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I had so much fun with the Forest of Firelight newsletter sneak peek cover reveal last week, and I hope you all had a chance to see it. If you missed it, I’ll be doing the official cover reveal on the 15th.

Before we get into the month’s schedule, I have a new chapter of Genevieve of Dragon Ridge for you today. If you’ve been following along, jump to the new chapter here. If you’re new to the Eldentimber blog book, or you’ve missed a few weeks, start here.

This is a busy month, with a lot going on! Genevieve’s schedule is going to look a little different. I’ve left all the details below, along with some of the frequently asked questions I’ve gotten about the new series!

I hope you have a great week and enjoy the new chapter!

Wishing you the best,

Shari :)

May Schedule

May 6th

Chapter Ten of Genevieve of Dragon Ridge

May 13th

Chapter Eleven, Scenes 1 & 2 of Genevieve of Dragon Ridge

May 15th

Forest of Firelight Official Cover Reveal & Pre-order Announcement

May 20th

Chapter Eleven, Scene 3 of Genevieve of Dragon Ridge

May 27th

Forest of Firelight Newsletter Sneak Peek

May 29th

Forest of Firelight Release Day!

Quick note for June: we will resume our regular Genevieve schedule on June 10th. Release weeks are fun but exhausting, and I’ll need that week and the next off to recuperate.

Here are a few questions I’ve had about Forest of Firelight and The Riven Kingdoms series:

Is The Riven Kingdoms a series of standalones, or is it all one connected story?

It’s one connected story.

What is the exact genre?

Fantasy romance

How many books will there be, and when will they release?

There will be three books, unless the story goes long, and then there will be four. The books will release every three months, and the pre-order for the second book will be available when Forest of Firelight releases.

Is the story set in one of your previous fantasy worlds?

Nope, it’s completely new.



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Release Day!

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