Favorite Romance Tropes–Fantasy Edition: Stuck Together

Hi everyone!

The last few weeks have been crazy as Jake and I worked to stay on schedule with Rise of the Phoenix King and get our house ready to sell. (We’re painting all the things…) We are still on track with the book (I’m loving it!), but I didn’t update my tropes posts like I was hoping!

But I’m back today with another one! Last time, we talked about Forbidden Love, and today, we’re doing Stuck Together. This is a fun trope, and a lot of my books could fit, but I picked the ones that I felt best fit the theme. Whether it’s for a season, a few years, or even life, the following couples can’t escape each other. It’s kind of like sticking two grumpy cats in the same room and hoping they learn to get along…

Without further ado, here are my “Stuck Together” books:

Genevieve and Lionel

It’s clear from the beginning of the book Genevieve doesn’t want Lionel invading her dragon family, and Lionel doesn’t want to be there. But the prince has a debt to pay, so the two have no choice but to make things work. This is a fun Stuck Together book with some delicious Enemies-to-lovers banter.

Greta & Conrad

Every girl dreams of marrying a handsome king…unless that girl is already in love with an equally handsome elf. This is a Stuck Together novel with a Love Triangle twist, and I can’t share anything more because…spoilers.

Audette & Irving

Audette and Irving’s romance is classic: Girl meets prince. Girl leaves prince at alter. Girl ends up stuck with prince on a lush island for the winter. There’s also a shadow creature that lurks in the night and a good helping of court intrigue to keep things interesting. And did I mention unicorns? They might be in there too…

Sabine & Alex

If you have to be Stuck Together, there are worse places to spend your time than in an opulent theater with a handsome actor-turned-businessman. This book has a collection of tropes, including Stuck Together, Forbidden Love, Enemies-to-lovers, and Childhood Sweethearts. There’s even a dash of the lesser used Falling-in-love-with-your-kidnapper. (Which I don’t support in real life, but is pretty darn fun in fiction…)

I hope you enjoyed this week’s collection! I’ll post another when I can!

Wishing you the best,


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