2022 Wrap-up & 2023 Plans

2022 was crazy. Jake and I decided to sell our house in April so we could travel for a year with our kids, as we’ve always wanted to do. All went according to plan, despite a few hiccups along the way, and we said goodbye to Colorado in December and celebrated New Year’s Eve in Texas. It’s still a little surreal.

Because of the house chaos, I didn’t write as much as I would have liked, but that’s all right. I’m happy where our family is, and I’m grateful the books gave me the opportunity to focus on our personal life this last year. Seriously, what a blessing that was (and still is).

Here’s a review of 2022:

  • I published four books (two of them with Jake) and one novelette: The Masked Fae, Fall of the Ember Throne, The Gilded Fae, Rise of the Phoenix King, and The Midnight Fae.
  • We released three audiobooks–Knight from the Ashes, Forged in Cursed Flames, and The Masked Fae.
  • I wrote three books.
  • I attended 20 Books in Las Vegas, where I got to hang out with Brittany Fichter and Kenley Davidson.
  • I did a LOT of dreaming about future series. So much of this year was spent just thinking about projects. I’m not a true plotter, but I love to ponder ideas.

And here are my plans for 2023:

  • I’m rereleasing the Obsidian Queen series I originally published as Shannon Lynn Cook, along with publishing the fifth book I’ve been promising for…a long time. I’m so thrilled to get it into the world. (The pre-order for all the books is live. You can check out the Amazon series page here.)
  • After Obsidian Queen is finished, I’m going to dive into a secret romantic fantasy adventure project. It’s so, so fun. I’ve written several chapters of the first book already, and it’s killing me to keep it under wraps. But I’m gonna. ;)
  • Jake and I plan to publish The Vampire Hunter and the Heiress in September. Working with him is basically the best thing ever. It makes me so darn happy, and I know you’re gonna love the book. It’s fun, totally swoony, and it has that autumn vibe that’s so delicious that time of year.
  • I’ve been invited into an anthology project that will release toward the end of the year. No details on that one yet either, but it’s going to be great. I’ve never attempted this type of story before, and I’m looking forward to writing it!
  • We plan to work on more audio in 2023, hopefully finishing up the Crown & Crest series at the very least.

Happy 2023, everyone!

Wishing you the best,


6 thoughts on “2022 Wrap-up & 2023 Plans”

  1. Love that you’re traveling with family!! If you ever end up in TN, I’d love to buy you lunch! Also, what fun to hang out with Brittany and Kenley! And writing 3 books is huge!! Congratulations!


    1. Unfortunately, I ended up with Covid the month I had it on my schedule, so I’ve had to bump it back to 2024. I’m trying to keep things flexible, so there’s a chance I’ll be able to fit it in somewhere this year, but it will be summer at the absolute earliest. 😣


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