Life Update and Obsidian Queen Q & A

Hi everyone!

It’s just after eight in the morning, and we’re getting ready to head into Mississippi. I thought I would drop by here and say hi. I might do more of these posts as we’re traveling–we’ll see how it goes.

Louisiana has been fun. I finally got to try beignets–they’re awesome. We saw bayous and Spanish moss, and though we haven’t seen an alligator yet, I’m hoping we might find one in Florida.

In addition to some sightseeing, I’ve been focusing on the Obsidian Queen re-release this week. (I made a friend while I was working yesterday. Check out my Instagram at the bottom of the page to meet him.) Guild of Secrets releases next Monday, and I’m getting ready to upload the final book to Amazon today. You can pre-order the books here.

I posted the Obsidian Queen Q & A in my newsletter yesterday, but I decided it might be helpful to leave it here as well, so I added it below. And if you didn’t read the series when I published it as Shannon Lynn Cook, check out the sneak peek of the first chapter of Guild of Secrets!

Wishing you the best,


Obsidian Queen Q & A

If I already purchased the books when they were previously published, will they update with the new versions?

No, I’m afraid they won’t. Those books have been unpublished, and these books are releasing as all new editions. If you want new copies for your Amazon Cloud, you’ll need to purchase them again.

Do I absolutely have to purchase the new books? Or can I just read the fifth book?

I only made very minor changes in Guild of Secrets, Princess of ShadowsKnights of Obsidian, and Traitor of the Entitled–most of those changes pertain to the Aparian history. As long as you keep in mind a few details might have changed, you don’t necessarily need to repurchase those books. 

I did make a few story-level changes in Creatures of Midnight. I wouldn’t say they’re major. I just adjusted a few things that didn’t work in the original. Honestly, you might not even notice them.

So do you need to repurchase the books? Nope. But if you’re super detail-oriented, you might notice a few things feel off when you read the fifth book.

Are you still planning to write the spinoff series?

Queen of Aparia, the fifth book, will finish up this series. I really love this world, so it’s possible I’ll write another connected series in the future, but it won’t be the spinoff I originally planned.

Will the books be available in paperback this time?

Yep! The paperbacks will release about the same time as the ebooks!

Do you plan to write more urban fantasy after this series?

Oh, absolutely! It’s a really fun genre, and now that I’ve adopted it under my main name, I’ll have time to write more of it. But don’t worry, I’ll still write plenty of romantic fantasy too. (In fact, one of my designers is just about to start the covers for my upcoming romantic fantasy adventure project! More on that in a few months.)

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