New Pen Name – New Urban Fantasy Series!

I have been bursting to make this announcement for a while, but I had to wait until the time was right. Today is the day. So here we go! I am writing an urban fantasy series. You might be thinking, "What's the big deal? You've been talking about doing UF for a while." Well, the… Continue reading New Pen Name – New Urban Fantasy Series!


If the Summer Lasted Forever

If the Summer Lasted Forever is now available to pre-order. Reserve your copy, and you'll receive bonus content at the end of the book when it releases! The official release date is set for June 15th, but the editing schedule has worked out better than expected, so it's possible we will be able to release… Continue reading If the Summer Lasted Forever


New Character Cards Added for Greybrow Serpent!

We've added new character cards to the "Meet the Characters" page on the website!     Click here to learn more about them and other Silver and Orchids characters. And remember, you can pre-order Greybrow Serpent for only $0.99. (The price will go up to $3.99 after the book releases.)


What’s that? A FIFTH Eldentimber Book?

Do you remember how I said there would be no more Eldentimber books? I was wrong. Sorry about that. The most amazing thing happened: Bran told me his story. The new king of Triblue will have his own book, and this one has the best surprise. I'll give you a hint: It starts with an… Continue reading What’s that? A FIFTH Eldentimber Book?


Coming June 16, 2017

Greybrow Serpent Silver & Orchids, Book Two Available June 16, 2017 >>Click Here to Pre-order on Amazon for only $0.99<< (Price will go up to $3.99 after the release) The captain of the Greybrow Serpent is the last man Lucia’s willing to trust. But he’s the only one who can save her. Lucia’s dreamed of… Continue reading Coming June 16, 2017


Meet Sebastian

Good morning, everyone! I have another Moss Forest Orchid introduction for you today. Meet Sebastian. Age: Twenty-one Family: Sebastian is an only child, and his parents passed away when he was seven. He was raised by his grandfather, Lord Seldon Thane. He carries a minor title from his mother's side of the family, and he will eventually… Continue reading Meet Sebastian


Release Day! Glitter and Sparkle

  It's release day! Glitter and Sparkle is now available for purchase on Amazon. If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read it for free! Happy Friday, everyone!  

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Glitter and Sparkle Cover Reveal

Happy Saturday, all! The release date for Glitter and Sparkle has been set for March 18th. The pre-order is live on Amazon now, and you can check it out here. For all my paperback lovin' friends, I'm excited to let you know that this one will be available in paperback by the Kindle release. In… Continue reading Glitter and Sparkle Cover Reveal


Seirsha of Errinton – Cover Reveal Date Set

I will be unveiling Seirsha of Errinton's cover on Wednesday! Make sure you stop by to check it out. I'm so excited about this book, and I can't wait to share it with you. It's darker than the first two books in the series, a little more epic. And there are dragons. I hope you… Continue reading Seirsha of Errinton – Cover Reveal Date Set


September is here!

Hello, everyone! It's September, which, to me, means it's fall! I know that, technically, it's not yet, but I don't care. Happy autumn! We're officially entering my favorite time of the year. I love the falling leaves and the hot apple cider, the caramel apples (the caramel everything), and the sweaters and scarves and boots.… Continue reading September is here!