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February TBR and Pippa’s Release Date!

Good morning! I am knee-deep in pre-publishing chaos, and I'm loving every second of it. My manuscript goes out on Thursday. Craziness. I'm in the middle of the very last read-through. Well, maybe. I might read it just once more... Pippa of Lauramore's official release date is set for April 24th! I will have the… Continue reading February TBR and Pippa’s Release Date!

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What I’m Working On: January

January is flying by, isn't it? This has been a busy writing month for me. Here's what I've been working on: Pippa of Lauramore: The final draft is in the works. I've finished the edits from the manuscript assessment, and now it's with my editor getting its copy edit polish. I have finally, finally come… Continue reading What I’m Working On: January

Pippa Updates

Editing Date Set

I'm happy to announce I will be working with Jeni Chappelle for editing! I was originally going to use Create Space's editing services, but I really want the process to be a little more personal. After receiving Jeni's three-page critique, I e-mailed her several times for more information. She's professional and friendly, and I'm very… Continue reading Editing Date Set

Pippa Updates

Moving Right Along

Pippa of Lauramore is moving right along. Feedback is starting to roll in from my beta readers, and I'm revising as needed. I ended up rewriting the last chapter, and then two days later I tweaked it again when I decided the story was more satisfying with a slightly different end. While taking a short… Continue reading Moving Right Along


Microsoft Word Document to Kindle

Now that I'm in the editing stage for Pippa of Lauramore, I am very grateful for Amazon's document feature for Kindle. It's quick and easy to send a document via e-mail, and when you use a Microsoft Word doc, it reads on your Kindle or Kindle app like a book. I have used this tool to… Continue reading Microsoft Word Document to Kindle