Current Projects

Updated 01.04.19

The Sorceress in Training: A Retelling of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

  • Expected Release: February 2019
  • Series: Fairy Tale Kingdoms, Book Three
  • Genre: Young Adult Fairy Tales

Status: I’m currently writing the book.

Silver & Orchids Novella Novel!

  • Expected Release: 2019
  • Series: Silver & Orchids
  • Genre: New Adult Fantasy

Status: This novella started out as a short story for my newsletter, but it got bigger…and bigger…

I should have known better than to try and contain Lucia and Avery! The book will publish on Amazon in 2019. (Want a free Silver & Orchids story that’s set right after Lily of the Desert? You can sign up for my newsletter, and it and a whole bunch of other goodies will come in your first email.)

Knights of Obsidian

(Writing as Shannon Lynn Cook)

  • Expected Release: Spring 2019
  • Series: Obsidian Queen
  • Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy

Status: Outlining and plotting!

Untitled Glitter & Sparkle Companion Novel

  • Expected Release: 2019
  • Series: Glitter & Sparkle
  • Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Status: Writing!

2020 Projects

(These may change)

Just the Essentials Two: Agnes’s Story

  • Expected Release: 2019
  • Series: Sequel to Just the Essentials
  • Genre: Sweet New Adult Romance

Status: Not-so-long ago, I wrote and sent the first chapter to my contemporary newsletter subscribers. They liked it, and now I’m working on an outline.

Fairy Tale Kingdoms Book 4

A retelling of Goldilocks or Cinderella or Jorinda and Joringel.

Status: I haven’t settled on a fairy tale yet, but I’ve been brainstorming fun plots for all of the tales listed above. In the case of Jorinda and Joringel, I know exactly what my story is, but I’m not sure it’s time to write it.

A quick note about Hair of Gold: it’s in the Fairy Tale Kingdoms lineup, but it must be later in the series. I promise Rapunzel’s going to get her story.