New Chapter of Genevieve is Now Available!

Hey everyone! The sixth chapter of Genevieve of Dragon Ridge is now available! If you've been following along, you can jump to it here. If you're new to the Eldentimber blog book, or you've missed a few chapters, start here. Quick update on my current projects: Right now, I'm writing Fishing for Trouble, Book One… Continue reading New Chapter of Genevieve is Now Available!

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The Life of a Writer

It's happened, guys. I have no makeup on and I'm barefoot, wearing yoga pants, a tank top, and this really comfy, long T-shirt cardigan thing. On a Wednesday. I've officially joined the lazy writer's club (let's meet at Starbucks next week, yeah?). Now, so ya'll don't think I've completely lost it, I have showered and… Continue reading The Life of a Writer