Meet the Dogs – Gunther and Buttercup

I posted a funny cartoon on my Facebook account the other day about a book signing where the author's dog had more people waiting for his autograph than the author did. I laughed--because how true this probably would be if writers routinely brought their dogs with them. I've mentioned Gunther and Buttercup before, but I've… Continue reading Meet the Dogs – Gunther and Buttercup

Things I Love and Other Random Stuff

Hiking Colorado: Dominguez Canyon

Our family loves to get out and hike, camp, off-road, bike--pretty much anything as long as it's outside. We really enjoy hiking because it's something we can do with the dogs. It's great for them; it's great for us. We recently discovered, and it's a treasure trove of information on trails in Colorado, Utah,… Continue reading Hiking Colorado: Dominguez Canyon