Who’s ready for more Genevieve of Dragon Ridge?

Good morning, everyone! Today we're officially starting the second part of our Eldentimber blog book. I've missed these characters, and I am so happy to be back in the story! I've added Chapter Eighteen to the website. If you've been following along, jump to the new chapter here. If you're new to the blog book,… Continue reading Who’s ready for more Genevieve of Dragon Ridge?

Things I Love and Other Random Stuff

Unicorns vs. Dragons

*This following post is a result of writer's block. You've been warned.* Because my husband and I are sophisticated grown-ups, we like to have philosophical debates. For example, which is 'awesomer': unicorns or dragons. My husband is firmly seated on the dragon side. While I like dragons, I am most certainly a unicorn girl. This pretty… Continue reading Unicorns vs. Dragons