Who’s ready for more Genevieve of Dragon Ridge?

Good morning, everyone! Today we're officially starting the second part of our Eldentimber blog book. I've missed these characters, and I am so happy to be back in the story! I've added Chapter Eighteen to the website. If you've been following along, jump to the new chapter here. If you're new to the blog book,… Continue reading Who’s ready for more Genevieve of Dragon Ridge?


What’s that? A FIFTH Eldentimber Book?

Do you remember how I said there would be no more Eldentimber books? I was wrong. Sorry about that. The most amazing thing happened: Bran told me his story. The new king of Triblue will have his own book, and this one has the best surprise. I'll give you a hint: It starts with an… Continue reading What’s that? A FIFTH Eldentimber Book?


Release Day! Audette of Brookraven

Release Day is finally here! The Kindle edition of Audette of Brookraven, the final book in The Eldentimber Series is now available on Amazon. I loved writing this series, and it's bittersweet to have finally come to an end. I truly hope you enjoy it.  The Final Chapter in The Eldentimber Series When Audette pictured… Continue reading Release Day! Audette of Brookraven

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New Release – Rosie of Triblue: An Eldentimber Novella

Rosie of Triblue: An Eldentimber Novella is now available! For the best Eldentimber reading experience, this novella should be read after Seirsha of Errinton and before Audette of Brookraven.

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The Eldentimber Series: Books 1 – 3 Discount Kindle Box Set

Good morning! I'm just dropping by real quick to let you know that The Eldentimber Series: Books 1 - 3 Kindle box set is now available. This is a great way to add the first three novels to your Amazon library, especially if you read them originally in the Kindle Unlimited program. Have a great day!

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The Eldentimber Giveaway

The Eldentimber Giveaway The winner will be chosen on February 25, 2016 Join my newsletter and enter for the chance to win: An Eldentimber 15 oz Mug Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate Mix & The Kindle Edition of: Pippa of Lauramore Anwen of Primewood Seirsha of Errinton Grace of Vernow: An Eldentimber Novelette Click here to enter!… Continue reading The Eldentimber Giveaway

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Seirsha of Errinton – First TWO Chapters

Seirsha of Errinton will release on Thursday! Here's a little sample... CHAPTER ONE Smoke sits heavy in the cave, and I cover my mouth with my sleeve as I choke on it. I peer around the corner, through the inky darkness, hoping I will find one dark shape. There are two. I pull back quickly… Continue reading Seirsha of Errinton – First TWO Chapters


Cover Reveal! Seirsha of Errinton

It's cover reveal day! The pre-order link is up on Amazon, and it feels so lovely and official. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Seirsha of Errinton, Eldentimber Book 4 Available January 7, 2016 Click here to view the book page on Amazon.


Seirsha of Errinton – Cover Reveal Date Set

I will be unveiling Seirsha of Errinton's cover on Wednesday! Make sure you stop by to check it out. I'm so excited about this book, and I can't wait to share it with you. It's darker than the first two books in the series, a little more epic. And there are dragons. I hope you… Continue reading Seirsha of Errinton – Cover Reveal Date Set


Eldentimber Book Three Announcement – Seirsha of Errinton

Now that Anwen is out, I've been getting lots of questions about the third book in the Eldentimber Series: When is the release date? Who in the world is Seirsha? Will we see more of the characters from the first books? But by far, the most popular question is: Who’s the guy? Today I'm going… Continue reading Eldentimber Book Three Announcement – Seirsha of Errinton