Anwen of Primewood, Writing

Rough Draft Complete: Anwen of Primewood

AnwenThis is seriously a squee moment for me. I just finished up the rough draft for Anwen. Now to send it off to print! Joking.

Ahhh…I wish.

So now I have two–count them, two–manuscripts that will need professional editing. I feel good about this. Pippa is as polished as I can possibly make it, and it will be going to Jeni for its manuscript assessment next Friday. I can’t tell you how excited I am.

Anwen’s manuscript is a long way from seeing professional eyes. I really need to set it aside for awhile before I start self-editing, but I will probably do a read-through next week. Or tomorrow. Probably this evening. Whatever.

To celebrate those fabulous words written, I plan on ordering pizza for dinner. Actually, I simply don’t want to cook. So I’m not gonna.

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