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Manuscript Complete – Glitter and Sparkle

January is moving right along. Thanks to you lovely readers, Seirsha had a very successful release. Big hugs to you all. It was the best release weekend I have had yet. So very exciting. Now, on to some more exciting news. Do you remember me mentioning a fun and fluffy YA romantic comedy that I… Continue reading Manuscript Complete – Glitter and Sparkle


Rough Draft Complete – Just the Essentials

Tonight I wrote the last line of Just the Essentials, the New Adult Contemporary I was working on for Camp Nanowrimo. I didn't complete this Nano. It's the first one I haven't won. That's a little tough to admit, but I am glad I took a step back. With Grace of Vernow's release, the Midlist… Continue reading Rough Draft Complete – Just the Essentials

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Siersha of Errinton Update (Eldentimber Book 3)

As many of you know, I've been working on the rough draft for Seirsha of Errinton, the third book in The Eldentimber Series. Well, guess what--I finished it! Typing out those final words has never felt so good. This book was a little harder for me to write. Unlike Pippa or Anwen, Seirsha was a… Continue reading Siersha of Errinton Update (Eldentimber Book 3)

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Manuscripts, Book Covers, and Series Titles

I've got manuscripts all over the place. Pippa of Lauramore is off getting a professional manuscript assessment, Anwen of Primewood is hanging out with my beta readers, and I have just started on a new unnamed standalone novel. More details on that soon. Pippa's cover will be released early February, as long as everything goes… Continue reading Manuscripts, Book Covers, and Series Titles

Anwen of Primewood, Writing

Rough Draft Complete: Anwen of Primewood

This is seriously a squee moment for me. I just finished up the rough draft for Anwen. Now to send it off to print! Joking. Ahhh...I wish. So now I have two--count them, two--manuscripts that will need professional editing. I feel good about this. Pippa is as polished as I can possibly make it, and it… Continue reading Rough Draft Complete: Anwen of Primewood


Microsoft Word Document to Kindle

Now that I'm in the editing stage for Pippa of Lauramore, I am very grateful for Amazon's document feature for Kindle. It's quick and easy to send a document via e-mail, and when you use a Microsoft Word doc, it reads on your Kindle or Kindle app like a book. I have used this tool to… Continue reading Microsoft Word Document to Kindle