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2015 Reading Goals & Challenges


Happy New Year! I am so excited to start the year. I already know 2015 will hold all kinds of wonderful things. Tomorrow my first completed manuscript will be sent in for a manuscript assessment! Here are my writing goals for the year: publish two books–one in the spring and one in the fall, and complete three novel rough drafts.

As a reader, I’ve never set up any goals for myself. I read all the time, and I love it. This year, however, I thought it would be fun to participate in a few challenges. As you know, I will be doing the 2015 Classics Challenge.

I will also be participating in Katytastic’s TBR Jar Challenge 2015. This one looks like a ton of fun! Instead of set book titles, the challenge has you add reading tasks to your jar. For example: Read a debut 2015 novel, read a book with 500+ pages, and listen to an audio book. Check out her video for more information.

For a personal goal, I would like to read 60 books this year. I think I could go for 80, but 60 seems like a more achievable number. We’ll see how this year goes, and if needed, I will up it next year!

Are you participating in any reading challenges? Setting any goals for yourself?

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