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The Eldentimber Series: Books 1 – 3 Discount Kindle Box Set

CanvaDiscount Box Set

Good morning! I’m just dropping by real quick to let you know that The Eldentimber Series: Books 1 – 3 Kindle box set is now available. This is a great way to add the first three novels to your Amazon library, especially if you read them originally in the Kindle Unlimited program. Have a great day!




2 thoughts on “The Eldentimber Series: Books 1 – 3 Discount Kindle Box Set”

  1. I hope you let us know what happened to Lionel and Grace. I’ve read all available books/novella so far and “nothing”.


    1. Hi Rosemary, thank you for stopping by! Grace returns in the last book, Audette of Brookraven, which will be available in July. Lionel doesn’t come back in the main series, but I have an idea for a companion novella featuring him as the main character that I may publish down the road.

      I’m also playing with a spin-off series featuring a group of characters from the final book, and there is a good chance he’ll be in it as well. I probably won’t tackle that for a while, though.

      I’m so glad you wrote me. I really appreciate feedback. Thank you for reading! :D


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