Soft Foods & Flavored Coffee

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. It’s been a crazy month, as I’m sure it’s been for most of you. I had to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed last Thursday, so I’ve been a little out of it. I should have had it done ages ago, but I put it off. Bad idea–totally don’t recommend it. It became a “tooth emergency,” if you can imagine such a thing, and they didn’t have time to set up an appointment for sedation. So I was awake…while they took out the wisdom tooth. Little did I know it’s kind of a major thing.

Anyway, I’ve been living off soft foods and coffee for the last few days. I can’t even tell you how I’m craving peppermint white chocolate-covered pretzels and all kinds of other holiday goodies.

The good news is that I ordered two variety packs of K-cups off Amazon, and they got here just in time. I ordered this one and this one. The second is really awesome because it’s flavored decaf. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked, but it’s nearly impossible to find decaf in flavors, and it’s about all I drink. I totally recommend both sets.

Now, as for my writing, it’s going well. I’ve been focusing most of my time on the first book in my new Treasure Hunters series. You can learn a little more about it on my “Current Projects” page. The story is flowing so well, it’s practically writing itself. I’m loving it.

All right, that’s all I have for today. If you have a few extra moments, please answer the poll question I have set up for my newsletter, Facebook, and blog followers. I would like to know which of my projects you’re most interested in. It’s just one questions, so it will only take a few seconds. Thank you in advance!

>>Click here to go to the poll<<

Have a great day!



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