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We Have Curtains

Today’s post has nothing to do with books. As the title suggests, it’s truly about curtains. I know, weird. Anyway…let’s begin, shall we?

You know those vertical blinds that new subdivision builders love to put over sliding glass doors? I hate them. Passionately. Since the last two houses we lived in were rentals, I wasn’t able to do anything about them.

We had those awful blinds in our current house. Miraculously, they were in excellent shape when we bought the place, so I decided I could deal with them for a while. And then the dogs happened. My shepsky (German shepherd/husky mix–I know, they’re all designer dogs now, right? It’s crazy) loved to rub against them and knock them down. Seriously, this dog is a menace to society. We call him our unicorn because he’s white, gorgeous, and absolutely worthless. I love him to death. Anyway, he wasn’t kind to the blinds.

Yesterday, after yet another blind fell to the ground, I realized something. We are not renting. Why was I dealing with this horrible window treatment? I browsed Pinterest for alternatives (cause that’s what you do, you know?), and today, my very own knight in shining armor replaced them with a curtain rod and drapes from Lowes. I’m so happy; I can’t even tell you. I took a picture to share with you, but then my phone died. Sorry.

Anyway, one little home improvement project done, fifty more to go. I like owning a house. Remember when I was nervous about it? Didn’t know if I wanted to be tied down again? Well, now that we’re (mostly) settled, I’m glad we went for it. It was a headache, and I still have unpacked boxes–books, guys. I have so many books. But it’s nice to have a place you can make your own. And it felt good to shove those awful blinds in the trash. Really, really good.

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