Camping, Crafting, and a New Chapter of Genevieve!

Hi everyone!

As promised, we’re resuming our blog book today! A new chapter of Genevieve of Dragon Ridge is available now. You can jump to the new chapter here. If you’re new to the Eldentimber blog book, or you missed a few weeks, start here.

I finished Sea of Starlight last week! It’s always exciting to write that last line! Soon, I’ll begin revisions, but for now, I’m on a break.

I’ll be honest–it’s HARD to take time off. Even though I scheduled the time in, my brain keeps trying to tell me I should be working on something. But I know I need time to reset, so I’ve thrown myself into projects to keep busy.

We’ve been wanting to redo our backyard for the last several years. It seems like a great time to tackle that project, so we’ve been working on that. I’m excited to see it coming along! Hopefully I can share pictures soon. Right now, Jake is redoing the irrigation lines, so it looks like a construction site.

Also, western Colorado is slowly opening back up, so we went camping last weekend. It was awesome. We four-wheeled into Animas Forks, a little ghost town above Silverton, Colorado. (It’s the place that inspired the ghost town in If the Summer Lasted Forever) We haven’t been there in years, and it was fun to take the kids back to see it.

Along with all that, I’ve made several batches of soap in the last few days, and I’m making a liquid recipe today. I also found a super fun K-drama! (The Secret Life of My Secretary) I’ve been watching that in the evenings.

I plan to ease back into writing on the 22nd. I’m pretty sure I can find ways to keep busy until then. ;)

I hope you all have a great week. Enjoy the new chapter!

Wishing you the best,


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