Favorite Romance Tropes–Fantasy Edition: Valiant Knight

Hi everyone!

I thought it would be fun to do a blog series categorizing my books by romance tropes! If you’re not familiar with tropes, they are story threads that are well-loved in different genres. There are a few common ones in the romance genre that you’re probably familiar with: friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, fake dating, and so on. All authors put their unique spin on them, and that’s what makes them fun!

I don’t think too much about tropes while I’m writing. Characters pop into my head, and then they reveal their story to me as I get to know them. But often, my books fit into trope categories!

Today, we’re going to start with Valiant Knight. You know this hero–he’s noble, even though he likely has some flaws or a difficult backstory. (I love characters who grow throughout a series!) He’s a swoony male lead, and he’s one of my favorites.

So without further ado, here are my books that fit into the Valiant Knight trope:

Henrik from Crown & Crest

Even though Henrik is a commander (not a knight), he is the ultimate Valiant Knight. Noble, strong, loyal, goal-oriented, and oh-so-chivalrous, he’s the kind of hero you want by your side, both in battle and life.

Rigel from Seirsha of Errinton

Rigel is a Valiant Knight of the dark and broody variety. At first glance, he might be mistaken for an Anti-hero, but he is as upright as a character can get.

Gavin from The Sorceress in Training

If you’re a female lead in a fairy tale, Gavin is exactly the kind of guard you’d want your father to employ. Handsome, stalwart, quiet, and dedicated, he is Valiant Knight material through and through.

Rhys from The Riven Kingdoms

Rhys sits on the fence between Anti-hero and Valiant Knight, which is a deadly combination. He’s made some questionable choices, but when you look into his backstory, his actions were motivated by his love for his family and his genuine desire to help his people escape from their miserable existence.

That’s it for today! In the next trope post, we’ll explore my books that fit into Forbidden Love!

Wishing you the best,


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