Favorite Romance Tropes–Fantasy Edition: Forbidden Love

Hi everyone!

I’m back again today to continue my romance trope post series! If you missed last week, I thought it would be fun to categorize my books by romance tropes! (If you’re not familiar with tropes, or if you missed the last post, check it out first.)

Last week, we talked about a character type. This week, we’re talking about a story type: Forbidden Love. This trope is so fun because it naturally has a lot of delicious tension. You’ll also notice several of my Valiant Knights fall into this category because there is nothing better than placing a noble male character into a forbidden situation–it causes angst, and lots of it.

Though I have many books that walk the line of Forbidden Love, these are a few I felt best fit into the category:

Pippa and Archer from Pippa of Lauramore

Pippa and Archer’s relationship is a classic case of Forbidden Love. Not only is she a princess and he a master archer, but her fate is already bound to a marriage tournament. They have some serious obstacles to cross if they want to be together.

Alice & Brahm from The Masked Fae

Brahm is the eldest son of the bloodthirsty Fae queen of West Faerie, and Alice is a human. Add in some hidden identity, a gambling brother who lost the family fortune, and a past connection that makes the couple’s ill-fated relationship seem even more impossible, and you have a serious case of Forbidden Love.

Henrik & Clover from Fall of the Ember Throne

Clover and Henrik already have two romance tropes going for them–a mashup of Enemies-to-lovers and Friends-to-lovers that I like to call Enemies-to-friends-to-lovers. In Fall of the Ember Throne, they find themselves in Forbidden Love territory. Clover is suddenly engaged to Prince Lawrence, and Henrik is stuck in Ferradelle serving the evil new duchess. Things are looking pretty bad–thank goodness Fall of the Ember Throne isn’t the last book of the series. ;)

Sabine and Alex from The Gilded Fae

Romance for the children of Queen Madison has proven difficult, especially when the royal siblings gravitate toward humans. Sabine’s story is no different. When the crown princess sneaks out of Faerie to search for the human boy she met on her sixteenth birthday, she ends up finding a broken man. Even if Alex and Sabine find a way to mend the hurt from the past, their paths are still headed in very different directions…

Seirsha and Rigel from Seirsha of Errinton

Rigel returns again this week! If I’m going to do the Forbidden Love trope, I can’t leave out this pair. Seirsha is the daughter of the king of Errinton and comes from a family who stole the throne in the not-so-distant past. Rigel is the rightful heir–and Seirsha’s father’s least favorite lord. These star-crossed lovers not only must fight to be together, they must fight to save the kingdom.

Gavin from The Sorceress in Training

Gavin is our last Valiant Knight who made the list this week, and for a good reason. Not only is Brynn the daughter of the lord he serves, she’s six years younger than he and her family has already promised her to a spinster-like existence at the College on the Mount. Things only get more complicated when Brynn begs the guard to help her escape…

What do you think? Did I miss any important ones? Which one is your favorite?

I’ll do another trope post next week!

Wishing you the best,


3 thoughts on “Favorite Romance Tropes–Fantasy Edition: Forbidden Love”

  1. I think Rhys might fit into this. He knows Amalia is promised to his brother and he really shouldn’t love her.


    1. They would be a great choice as well. I was on the fence about adding Rhys and Amalia, and I even marketed the books as a star-crossed lovers story.

      The only reason I didn’t was because they eventually fall into that Fated Love category. Okay, there are actually two reasons. The second was because they seem to be falling into ALL the categories, so I thought I’d leave them out of this one. Ha ha!


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