March Wrap-Up

Well, I realized something while getting ready to write this wrap-up--I haven't accomplished much (anything) this month. Not sure where it went or what I was doing. What was I doing all month? Okay, so here it goes. Writing: Pippa of Lauramore: All finished!!! The final Kindle version is uploaded, and it's available for pre-order… Continue reading March Wrap-Up

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TBR Jar: Read a Nonfiction Book

Let me start by saying I'm exhausted this morning. My daughter caught a stomach bug, and the poor girl was up several times last night. Our whole family had managed to stay completely healthy through this winter season, but we didn't quite make it to spring. Now I'm just hoping we won't all catch it.… Continue reading TBR Jar: Read a Nonfiction Book

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February TBR and Pippa’s Release Date!

Good morning! I am knee-deep in pre-publishing chaos, and I'm loving every second of it. My manuscript goes out on Thursday. Craziness. I'm in the middle of the very last read-through. Well, maybe. I might read it just once more... Pippa of Lauramore's official release date is set for April 24th! I will have the… Continue reading February TBR and Pippa’s Release Date!

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One More Reading Challenge: The Re-Read Challenge

There are so many wonderful reading challenges out there! I just had to add another to my list. Hopefully I won't drown in challenges this year. Even if I do--reading is a good way to go! The last challenge I will be adding to my list this year is The Re-Read Challenge by So Obsessed… Continue reading One More Reading Challenge: The Re-Read Challenge

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2015 Reading Goals & Challenges

Happy New Year! I am so excited to start the year. I already know 2015 will hold all kinds of wonderful things. Tomorrow my first completed manuscript will be sent in for a manuscript assessment! Here are my writing goals for the year: publish two books--one in the spring and one in the fall, and… Continue reading 2015 Reading Goals & Challenges

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2015 Classics Challenge

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas. Our family's was hectic but wonderful. As the near year approaches, I know we all have a New Year's resolution or two floating around in our minds (even if we refuse to actually make the resolution). I'm a stubborn non-resolution kind of girl. However, call it a… Continue reading 2015 Classics Challenge