Release Week: Day 2 Goodreads Giveaway

It's day two of release week, and the Goodreads giveaway is live. Click the button below if you would like to be entered to win a signed paperback of Pippa of Lauramore. Goodreads Giveaway! Winners will be selected April 23rd. 


Pippa of Lauramore Release Day!

I am excited to announce that Pippa of Lauramore has officially released! Last week it showed up in Barnes and Noble, Adlibris, and a few other online stores. Many were asking if it would go to Amazon early as well. Since Amazon is the only channel I have much control over the release date, I… Continue reading Pippa of Lauramore Release Day!


A Few Early Reviews: Pippa of Lauramore

Reviews are starting to filter in! It's so encouraging to have good feedback. Here's what people are saying: "I love your book!!! It was VERY captivating and exciting. I almost cried." - Katie C. "Just finished your book. It was great! I have a feeling it's going to become one of my favorites that I… Continue reading A Few Early Reviews: Pippa of Lauramore

Pippa Updates

Review Copies Have Arrived!

Seventeen lovely, glossy paperback copies of Pippa of Lauramore were just delivered to my door. After receiving the proof copy in a matte finish, I decided to print the review copies with a glossy cover to see how they look. I love them! Aren't my babies pretty?!? My precious... All of these review copies are… Continue reading Review Copies Have Arrived!


Giveaway Time! Win a $25 Starbucks Card and Signed Paperback Copy of Pippa of Lauramore

Hello everyone! It's just a little over a month to Pippa of Lauramore's official release! As promised, I'm running a giveaway. You can win a signed copy of my book along with a $25 Starbucks gift card. Who doesn't love to sip a latte while they read? I know I do! Click the link below… Continue reading Giveaway Time! Win a $25 Starbucks Card and Signed Paperback Copy of Pippa of Lauramore

Pippa Updates

Advanced Copies are Available Now!

Pippa of Lauramore is completely finished and ready for its debut on April 24th! As a special thank you for visiting my blog, you may purchase a paperback copy early. Click the picture; it will take you directly to the book's page on Createspace.

Pippa Updates, Writing

February Wrap-Up

February has been a pretty productive month. Here's what I've been up to: Writing: Pippa of Lauramore (Eldentimber 1): The manuscript went through its final edit, which meant I read it, like, fifty times at the beginning of the month. Okay, I didn't read it fifty times. But it felt like it. I also sent… Continue reading February Wrap-Up

Pippa Updates

It’s Cover Reveal Day! Pippa of Lauramore

The big day is here! I hope you love the cover as much as I do! Available April 24, 2015 Princess Pippa of Lauramore is about to turn eighteen, and in honor of the great occasion, her father King Ewan invites thirty princes and lords from kingdoms near and far to compete for Pippa’s hand… Continue reading It’s Cover Reveal Day! Pippa of Lauramore

Pippa Updates

Pippa of Lauramore’s Cover Reveal on Friday!

I'm so excited to announce that I will be revealing Pippa's cover this Friday! The release date has been set for April 24th. I'm so excited! I hope you all love it as much as I do.

Anwen of Primewood, Writing

Manuscripts, Book Covers, and Series Titles

I've got manuscripts all over the place. Pippa of Lauramore is off getting a professional manuscript assessment, Anwen of Primewood is hanging out with my beta readers, and I have just started on a new unnamed standalone novel. More details on that soon. Pippa's cover will be released early February, as long as everything goes… Continue reading Manuscripts, Book Covers, and Series Titles