If the Summer Lasted Forever

If the Summer Lasted Forever is now available to pre-order. Reserve your copy, and you'll receive bonus content at the end of the book when it releases! The official release date is set for June 15th, but the editing schedule has worked out better than expected, so it's possible we will be able to release… Continue reading If the Summer Lasted Forever

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Random Book Openings: #1

Despite how crazy things have been around here lately, I actually got my novel word count in for the day. As you may recall if you've been following the blog, I've taken a break from writing until we close on the new house. But tonight I felt like writing, so I wrote. I've noticed that… Continue reading Random Book Openings: #1


Cover Reveal! Seirsha of Errinton

It's cover reveal day! The pre-order link is up on Amazon, and it feels so lovely and official. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Seirsha of Errinton, Eldentimber Book 4 Available January 7, 2016 Click here to view the book page on Amazon.