If the Summer Lasted Forever

If the Summer Lasted Forever is now available to pre-order. Reserve your copy, and you'll receive bonus content at the end of the book when it releases! The official release date is set for June 15th, but the editing schedule has worked out better than expected, so it's possible we will be able to release… Continue reading If the Summer Lasted Forever


Release Day! Glitter and Sparkle

  It's release day! Glitter and Sparkle is now available for purchase on Amazon. If you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read it for free! Happy Friday, everyone!  

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Glitter and Sparkle Releases Friday! (Monday Update)

I'm so ridiculously excited about the release of Glitter and Sparkle. Friday, guys. Friday! For those of you who follow my personal blog, you may have already read the backstory behind the book, but I'm going to go ahead and post some of it here today:     This novel was sparked into life by… Continue reading Glitter and Sparkle Releases Friday! (Monday Update)


Rough Draft Complete – Just the Essentials

Tonight I wrote the last line of Just the Essentials, the New Adult Contemporary I was working on for Camp Nanowrimo. I didn't complete this Nano. It's the first one I haven't won. That's a little tough to admit, but I am glad I took a step back. With Grace of Vernow's release, the Midlist… Continue reading Rough Draft Complete – Just the Essentials